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Meet our Parents & view our gallery at the bottom for more Pictures 

Our Old English Sheepdog Females

OES and F1 Standard Sheepadoodles will be bred


Old English Sheepdog

Nala definately still has a bit of puppy in her, she love to roam and go on adventures, chase you around or give giant hugs. She is very affectionate once she gets to know you a little. She is very good at letting you know what she wants, her nose is her communicator with lots of nudges for pets or to steer you in the direction she wants. Miss Nala is all about kisses as well! She loves to love you! I would say she is a good medium energy and very much sports the OES temperment. 


Old English Sheepdog

Bleu is our wild card! This girl loooves to play & be outside. She doesn't miss a beat and is always soaking in the world around her. She would be perfectly content to live out there if I would let her. Sun or snow, it doesn't matter! Bleu also has a very sweet side to her and will snuggle up on the couch in the evening. She's gentle with children and great with other pups. Shes medium energy with a great temperment. 

Our Bernese Mommas

Bred for Bernese Mnt Dogs & F1 Bernedoodles


Bernese Mountain Dog

Sapphire is our big goof ball with a bit of clumsy mixed in. Her favorite place is to smother me on the couch. She is the baby of the house and  the socializer of all of our puppies. She has a very quiet personality with humans and the typical Bernese shyness but she will warm up . Sapphire believes she either needs to be touching her momma at all times or laying on her back with all four paws in the air. She has an overall low to medium energy level and one of the sweetest personalities you could ask for. 


Bernese Mountain Dog 

Our Pomeranian Girls 

Pomeranian Zoey

Zoey is our little princess, she is full of personality and absolutely the sweetest thing you will ever meet! Her favorite place is right next to your side sitting on the couch. She loves to give kissess and is very social. She absolutely adores our puppies and just can't get enough of them! Zoey is great with children and other dogs and always happy to go on an adventure. She is medium energy level and has a very outgoing personality. 

Pomeranian  Sweet Chaos

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