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We are a small family owned company assisting in-home hobby breeders with placing their puppies in loving forever homes. We also breed a few of our own females. We carefully screen potential families and learn about their lifestyle and needs. We then hand select their potential puppy to ensure they will fit well into their forever home and will be well cared for & loved.

In June 2018 our first litter of Maltipom puppies were born. We assisted Momma with each sweet baby she brought into the world and both momma and I woke every time a baby would squeak during the night for the first few weeks. My daughter and I learned so much as we raised these sweet pups from their first few minutes to 9 weeks old and enjoyed every second. Our family was so sad when the time came for them to go, but we found comfort in knowing we had found them all amazing and loving homes. We started a facebook family group so our puppies new families could post pictures and share stories with us as they grow up and we LOVE being a part of their lives. We soon found that we missed the pitter patter of puppy feet in our home, so when we heard of someone needing help with 6 wk old puppies, we didn’t hesitate in bringing them into our home and helping them to find their very own loving forever families. Once again our home was filled with adorable puppies to play with and care for, and all was good!! This also gave us the idea of reaching out to others who might be overwhelmed with the day to day care of puppies and finding them good loving homes, and that is how Paw Paw Puppy Tales has grown. We have very limited space, so we only bring in a litter or two at a time. They are indoor pets and we work on socializing them with children and other animals as well as potty training while they are here with us. Each puppy will come with a 1 year Health guarantee and our puppy kit. We absolutely love what we do here at Paw Paw Puppy Tales and only want the very best for each puppy. If at any time during the puppies life you are not able to care for him or her, we will gladly take them in and/or help find a new approved home.

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