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Guardian Home Application


Phone Number*

Can we text you?

Email Address

Prefered Contact Method?*

Please List your City, State & Zip Code*

Family Members*

Does anyone in the home have an allergy to dogs?*

If yes please describe the type of reaction below

Will you be a first time puppy owner?*

Please list any current or past pets (if none currently)*

Are your current pets spayed/neutered?

Arer your pets on yearly Flea, Tick & Heartworm treatment?*

Who is your current vet or your do you have a plan for finding a vet?*

Type of Home *

Do you Own or Rent?*

Do you have a fenced in yard?*

If your yard is unfenced can you please tell us your plan for daily excersize & potty breaks?

How large is your yard?*

Does your yard have any standing water?*

Are you willing to send pictures of your yard and current pets?*

Where will the dog be kept?*

How many hours a day will the puppy/dog be kept alone?*

Do you have a plan for grooming?*

Can you tell me about your lifestyle and describe your typical day?*

What type of temperment are you looking for? Mellow, active, in between?Describe your ideal dog to us!*

What specific breeds are you interested in?*

Does size matter to you? If so please tell us your ideal weight range in pounds (lbs)*

Preference on Male of Female?*

Do you understand this dog will be placed with you for the purpose of breeding?*

Are you interested in a Guardian home or Co-Owning *

Are you willing to allow us to come for a Home visit? *

Can we call your vet for a reference?*

Do you have a plan for training and socialization?*

For vacation what is your plan for boarding?*

How often do you travel?*

Do you understand the breeding process? If not are you willing to put in the time to research and learn?*

Pet ownership is a serious commitment in which the entire household needs to consider and agree upon before any puppy is adopted. We want to ensure that each household is willing and able to accept the responsiblilities of pet ownership. These questions are intended to provide you an opportunity to thoughfully consider these responsililities.

Please take a few moments to fill out our Puppy Application, the more detail the better!

If you prefer a printable version check out our forms and applications page :)

We understand this is a long application! Please understand we have our puppies’ best

interest at heart and want a family who fits their needs and to make sure they fit yours as well!

We appreciate your time and interest. A $200 Non- Refundable Deposit is required when you reserve your puppy.

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